Monument 2LP + CD + Accident Dancing Book Bundle [Pre-Order]

Monument 2LP + CD + Accident Dancing Book Bundle [Pre-Order]

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'Monument' on double gatefold white vinyl (140g) and CD (with fold out poster) with a copy of Accident Dancing poetry book.

Album release date: 23rd October 2020
Book release date: 22nd October 2020

Track List: 

1. Ambulance 
2. Self Portrait 
3. Ontario
4. Career Day
5. Prayer
6. While I Can
7. Bed
8. The Grand Old Reason
9. Husk
10. Thesis
11. Bygones

Accident Dancing is a book of poetry, detailing Keaton's life in fragments, from the chaotic to the mundane. accompanied by evocative illustrations, it is an intimate and unapologetically personal journey through a life the way we remember them, as Keaton puts it "chaotic, fragmented and often grammatically incorrect"

Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm
Pages: 144

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