The Impromptu Project

The Impromptu Project

£45.00 was

The Impromptu Project Speed Drawings are a series of 200 3-minute original drawings by Keaton over two days.

Established as not only a time-sensitive imagination exercise and comment on art and commerce, they are also intended to be way of creating genuinely affordable art.

Very much the ‘kinder egg’ of original artwork, when purchasing an impromptu you don’t know which of the 200 drawings you will be receiving.

They are drawn directly on ‘corporatised’ 200gsm ivory card stock

size: 210 X 297 (A4)

The Impromptus explore themes of, idea-making and immediacy in art, as well as art within the framework of industry. They were created on two bright crisp October days. With a three minute timer set for each piece, with the conception of the idea and execution taking place simultaneously within the time limit.
This process led to drawings coming out in varying styles and with more and more surreal, subconscious themes and compositions. Stylistically the limits also pushed them toward a more naive and minimal mode, with the idea and composition taking the front seat.
Ironically this more corporate and industrial way of making art became creatively very freeing, and has generated a series of compelling and intriguing works.
Each image is timed and signed to give it a specific place in time, and making us think about the fact that when buying one, you are essentially buying the product of three minutes of Keaton's life, on that particular day.